Concrete mixer operating requirements 

Only concrete mixer operation has some understanding and experienced staff to efficient and safe use of concrete mixer. Here new peak machinery to manufacture concrete mixer when the long summed up the requirements of heavy-duty concrete mixer running to share with you, hoping for you to operate and use the concrete mixer helpful;     

1. concrete mixer concrete ratio determined by the desired amount of water, and adjust the time continued to plummet corresponding feedwater time;

    2. Start concrete mixer concrete mixer mixing motor running;     3. concrete mixer discharge gate closed, Bridge concrete mixer manufacturers in chian adding the desired mix in the hopper, lifting hopper. Hopper should run smoothly and can freely stop anywhere in the track. If slippage should first hopper into the bottom of the pit, and then adjust the brake motor big nut. Hopper elevators normal feeding tube while stirring to start the pump after stirring cylinder to supply brake reliable;     4. After the concrete mixer stirring 25-35S, start unloading discharge door;     5. In the above commissioning process, such as concrete mixers found to be normal, it should immediately stop inspection, troubleshooting, and then in the second test, until normal. Concrete mixer running for a day after the new machine for lining and elsewhere bolts and nuts securing all the checks. Parts of transmission lubrication grease lubrication.

Cement silo works

1, when the cement silo (cement tank) should be made by special crane to be erected, and then into the pre prefabricated concrete foundation, and check the cement silo (cement tank) erected after the verticality and the horizontal plane and then the bottom of the base embedded welding firm.     2, after the fixed storage bin, the bulk cement truck transporting cement to the site, and then bulk cement trucks transmission lines and cement silo (cement tank) feed line connected, through bulk cement trucks gas pressure cement tank fed to cement silo (cement pot).     3, in the process of transporting cement to the inside of the storage bin, the new peak machinery concrete mixer operator to continuous vibration motor press ESP button, shake off the dust attached to the bag of cement to prevent concrete truck mixers for sale china blocked bags, warehouse explosion occurred.     4, once blocked the bag, the pressure inside the cabin pressure exceeds the warehouse roof safety pressure relief valve, the pressure relief valve to open positions within the release pressure and prevent warehouse explosion accidents.     5, by the level of material position can be observed in full and the lack of material warehouse.     6, when the need to discharge, first open the manual discharge valve at the bottom of the cone, and then transported by means of cement concrete transfer out. In the discharge process, if there is "bagging" phenomenon, press the button on the timely arch breaker solenoid valves were blowing, eliminating the "bagging" in feeding, to ensure smooth supply of cement.     7, when the cement delivery device (screw conveyor) fails, first turn off the manual discharge valve at the bottom of the cone to prevent cement spills, resulting in waste.

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